The Summers 3RT Platform

The 3RT platform of tillage tools is designed to meet the needs of farmers looking for a maneuverable, compact unit they can simply hook up to a tractor’s three-point hitch. Three configurations (3RT 2010, 2110 and 2210) mean there is a 3RT fit for any rut, reclamation or recreational (spot) tillage application.

Applications: vertical tillage, spring tillage, spring residue management, fall tillage, fall residue management, soil conditioning, seedbed preparation, no till, conventional tillage

Available in Green and Red

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DT Diamond Disk DT-Diamond-Disk-2017.jpg The DT Diamond Disk is a cross between conventional and vertical tillage. It’s notched disks are ideal for residue chopping and mixing, making it a versatile tool for a variety of tillage strategies.

DK Diamond Disk DK-Diamond-Disk-2017.jpg The DK Diamond Disk is a conventional tillage tool with many benefits over standard X-frame disks. It's equipped with 26-inch concave disks for aggressive soil mixing.

VRT2530 VRT2530-2017.jpg The VRT2530 variable-rate tillage tool allows you to adjust tillage aggressiveness on the go. This one tool provides the flexibility to move from conventional tillage to vertical tillage performance, or anywhere in between.

VRT3530 VRT3530-2017.jpg The VRT3530 produces an excellent field finish at high speeds and at depths of 6 inches or more.