Variable Rate Tillage: A Flexible Option for Farmers

For years we’ve known that soil types and conditions can change drastically, not only from one field to the next, but also within just one field.

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Introducing the VRT Renegade®

The new VRT Renegade® with iControl™ Implement Control technology, gives you complete control of your tillage outcomes on the fly, ranging from true vertical tillage to aggressive conventional tillage, and everything in between.

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Timing Your Spring Tillage

It's that time of year when many producers think about spring tillage. No matter what type of climate you have, here are some tips for ensuring conditions are ready for spring tillage operations.

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Residue Management Alternatives

No-till and minimum tillage have gotten a lot more challenging in recent years where we've seen outstanding yields and, as a result, heavy residue. But there are still options for growers looking to manage that heavy residue, while keeping tillage to a minimum. We offer a couple ideas.

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What is Vertical Tillage?

Although the concept of vertical tillage has been around for quite a while, there is still a lot of confusion about what exactly vertical tillage is. Not helping is the fact that every manufacturer seems to address it a little differently. So, to help clear up any confusion, here's our take on vertical tillage.

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Different Degrees of Vertical Tillage

Since it was first introduced to farmers years ago, the term “vertical tillage” has been ingrained in most people’s heads. The definition of it, however, remains a bit fuzzy. Anyone who has compared vertical tillage tools recently has likely noticed this. Between the different configurations and blade options available, no two vertical tillage tools seem to be the same. Of course, this begs the question, “What exactly is vertical tillage, and which unit is right for me?”

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Don't Let Ruts Ruin Yield Potential

Ruts can impact yield even if they are only a few inches deep.

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Summers Unveils New 8-Bar Superharrow

Are you looking for an aggressive seedbed prep tool? The new 8-Bar Superharrow 3568 from Summers is the answer.

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Hail to the Humble Harrow

The harrow may be one of the oldest tillage tools in the world, but it still has a place in modern farming.

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The Fall Tillage Breakdown

For many farmers, tilling in the fall is the best bet for getting a head start on spring planting. At Summers, we’ve designed, tested and built tillage equipment for every conceivable application. Whether you’re into no-till, minimal till, or conventional tillage, chances are we manufacture the right tool to meet your needs. Here’s a rundown of some Summers tillage equipment that you may find useful this fall.

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An Iron Defense Against Disease

If not managed properly, disease pathogens from one year’s crop can overwinter on residue to infect the next year’s crop. Learn how fall tillage is one tool producers can use to help prevent this from happening.

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Tools for Proper Seedbed Prep


A clean, weed-free field surface combined with good seed-to-soil contact promotes fast germination and assures the optimal start – likely leading toward more bushels in the fall. There are many ways to prepare a seedbed in the spring, however, and each piece of equipment has its time and place.

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The Summers Guide to Attachment Selection


Mounted attachments are an excellent way to customize your tillage equipment. Installing a line of harrows, rolling baskets or rolling choppers can enhance field finish and seedbed prep.

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How Fall Tillage Can Impact Spring Planting


Because moisture levels, weather, crops and soils experienced in one corner of the country can differ vastly from another, there is no singular way to tackle tillage in the fall. No-till, minimal till and conventional tillage all have a time and place; but the idea remains the same no matter how fall tillage is accomplished: prepare the seedbed for spring planting.

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Tillage Equipment Comparison: The VRT2530 Versus Angled Coulters

Conventional tillage tools fitted with coulter blades certainly have their time and place. When conditions are present that require a different approach, however, the Summers VRT2530 is the right fit for the job. Take a look at what makes it unique compared with angled coulters.

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Variable Rate Tillage: How It Compares With Vertical Tillage


A lot of producers have been asking for a new type of universal tillage tool that could provide the benefits of vertical tillage, but with increased aggressiveness over heavy residue. Summers responded by introducing our new VRT2530 variable rate tillage tool. But just what is variable rate tillage, and how does it compare with vertical tillage?

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Tillage Equipment Comparison: The VRT2530 Versus High-Speed Discs


In recent years, there has been increased interest in the European inspired high-speed discs that aggressively mix soil at shallow levels and travel quickly through the field. But rather than copying existing tools on the market, we created a new concept in tillage tools. Find out what makes it better.

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An In-Depth Look at the Diamond Disk


Since the invention of the Diamond Disk in 1984, farmers have appreciated its versatility, durability and field finish left behind. But a lot has changed in the 30 years since then, including improvements to the original concept and the introduction of the Summers DT Diamond Disk.

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