Family Oriented

We value each other like we are members of a family, looking out for each individual, holding each other accountable and working together to achieve extraordinary results.


Everything we accomplish as an organization is a result of teamwork, recognizing the value that each role plays in realizing company success, and acknowledging that improving teamwork is never-ending and a responsibility of every person and every team in the company.


As a company we do what we say we are going to do, building lasting relationships with customers and business partners based on the trustworthiness and reputation of the entire organization.

Closeness to Customers

We serve our customers' needs better than anyone else in our industry, listening to customers with knowledge and understanding, and providing solutions to problems with speed and agility that lead rather than follow the market.


Field Tested Tough is not just our mission. It's the ultimate test of quality of the products used by our customers year after year, recognized by farmers and dealers alike, and delivered by a team of people who recognize that quality in the hands of a customer is reflected in quality throughout the entire organization.

Innovation & Technology

We create new products, and drive improvements within our products and our operations, by never being satisfied with status quo or something being good enough. We challenge ourselves for new ways to better serve our customers, and embrace technology to help us plan, produce and deliver exceptional solutions to customers both inside and outside the company.


We are driven to serve customers around the world in ways that reflect the extraordinary work of the entire Summers Manufacturing team and build a legacy that generations of employees, partners, and customers will hold in high esteem.