How to Get 2,000 Acres a Day With Your Sprayer

One of the biggest operational challenges farmers face today is getting all their spraying done within an ideal window of time. But many people are able to handle the workload by simply reducing their refilling times. Here's how you can get up to 2,000 acres a day with your sprayer. 

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Battling Herbicide Resistant Weeds


The good-old days of spraying weeds with herbicides and watching them die are basically over. As glyphosate resistance spreads across the globe, farmers need to make adjustments to their spraying best practices, as well as chemical arsenal, in order to combat this new yield-sapping scourge.

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The Spray Fill Xpress Greatly Decreases Fill Times, Increases Productivity


When you have the biggest, fastest and most reliable sprayer on the market, how can you improve its efficiency? By drastically cutting the time it takes to fill it with the new Summers Spray Fill Xpress. Learn how we effectively cut a 30-minute chore down to less than 7 minutes so you can spray many, many more acres in a day.

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Helpful Tips to Winterize your Supersprayer


Downtime is costly, which is why successful farmers take special care to properly maintain their equipment during the off months. Right before winter hits, it’s the perfect time to maintain your Supersprayer so it’s ready to go for next season.

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