22-inch Dual-Mounted Disk Blades


Disk blades are slightly concave for soil mixing, and are mounted at a 12-degree angle (manually adjustable from 5- to 24 degrees) to achieve the perfect combination of high speed and aggressive mixing. This configuration also keeps soil movement as vertical as possible to minimize the smearing and hardpan effects of soil moving horizontally.

Hydraulic Hitch


The patented hydraulic hitch allows you to transfer weight between the front and rear blades. Placing more weight on the front allows the disk blades to dig in deeper to mix more soil. Placing more weight on the rear increases vertical tillage performance and residue sizing with less soil disturbance. Weight can be shifted equally between the front and rear to achieve a combination of benefits.

Hydraulic Hitch Indicator


The patented hydraulic hitch comes with an indicator, allowing the operator to identify the exact hitch position from the cab. It also helps the operator return to his exact previous setting after making in-field adjustments.

Hydraulic Wing Pressure


Instead of using weights on the wings, the VRT3530 uses hydraulic down pressure. This feature automatically adjusts down pressure on the wings to ensure consistent cutting depth across the implement as field conditions change.

Down Pressure Adjustment


Hydraulic down pressure adjustment for the wings and optional rolling baskets can be made from one convenient location on the implement.

C-Shank Mounting


The blade mounting systems for the front and rear blades are engineered to help prevent damage from rocks and stumps. To further maximize durability, the blades rotate on toggle-mounted, triple-seal ball bearings with ductile cast spools.

Fast Operating Speeds


Similar to high-speed disks on the market, the VRT3530 offers powerful tillage performance at fast operating speeds. The tool works best at 7-10 miles per hour (11-16 kph), helping you complete spring and fall tillage in narrow windows of time.

Mounted Harrow/Hydraulic Basket Combo


The MH1104 mounted harrows effectively distribute residue and level the soil. These are used in conjunction with rolling baskets with patent-pending internal mud scrapers to prevent mud build-up. The baskets come with adjustable hydraulic down pressure, which automatically adjusts to maintain the proper setting as the position of the hydraulic hitch changes. The baskets may also be lifted completely off the ground if not needed for certain applications.

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