Controller Options

The VRT Renegade can be controlled wirelessly via Summers' iControl™ technology. This option uses an iPad to adjust the blade angle, hitch control, tillage depth, gauge wheels, wing down pressure and rolling basket down pressure from the cab through a simple touchscreen interface. Learn more here.

For operators who prefer a more traditional control box, a cab-mounted switch box is available. The heavy-duty switch box uses toggle switches and dials to perform the same functions as the iControl app.

Adjustable Blade Angle

The blade angle of the front and rear disk blades can be hydraulically adjusted using an iPad. By simply pressing a button, you can set the angle of the front and rear blades independently, anywhere from 0 to 19 degrees, to achieve minimal or aggressive tillage or something in between. Zero degrees results in true vertical tillage performance for chopping residue with minimal soil disturbance, while a more aggressive blade angle buries more residue and produces a blacker soil finish.

Hitch Control

A hydraulic hitch allows the operator to shift the weight of the implement from front to back. Shifting weight to the front helps the implement break through hard, dry soil conditions, while shifting weight to the back increases soil mixing. The VRT Renegade® can also be set to float mode to follow the ground contour.

Wing Down Pressure

Adjust the amount of hydraulic down pressure being applied to the wings to achieve uniform tillage results across the full width of the implement.

Gauge Wheels

Gauge wheels can be adjusted from the cab to keep the wings properly adjusted in loose soil conditions.

Mounted Rolling Baskets

Our rolling baskets feature a patented internal mud scraper to keep them running clean, even in wet conditions. They’re ideal for breaking up clumps and providing a uniform soil profile, and they come with hydraulic down pressure for fine-tuning the field finish.

Tillage Depth

Set the tillage depth in the cab with the touch of a button on the iPad.

1,200 Pound Blade Mount Cushion Assembly

The patent pending blade mount cushion assemblies for the VRT Renegade feature a high performance urethane cushion and are designed to provide consistent down pressure for cutting while providing the relief from rocks and other objects. The cushion assemblies are mounted in-line for better sizing of residue than angled or staggered blades. This unique feature combines the benefits of both gangs and independently mounted blades.

Maintenance-Free Hubs

The Samurai blades and dual-mounted hubs feature robust double-row ball bearings.

Samurai Blades

The Summers exclusive Osmundson Mfg. Co. patented Samurai disk blades on the VRT Renegade offer the latest in tillage blade technology. They have a sawtooth design that excels at sizing residue and moving soil. The blades perform well in both wet soils and hard, dry conditions, and they are heat treated for extended life.

Deep Frame Design

The VRT Renegade has a “Field Tested Tough” deep frame design to allow for superior residue and soil flow. It also helps provide superior implement depth control without excess weight on the rear attachments.

Mounted Harrow

An MH1104 3-bar harrow effectively distributes residue and levels the soil profile. The tine angle and leveling of each section can be quickly adjusted to one of five positions using spring-loaded pins — no tools needed. The front bar is independently adjustable.

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