VRT Renegade®

The Summers VRT Renegade is the most versatile tillage tool available. That’s because it features a highly adjustable design with the ability to switch from minimal to aggressive tillage, and anywhere in between. Operators can control the blade angle, hydraulic hitch, tillage depth, gauge wheels, wing down pressure and rolling basket down pressure on the fly using an iPad with Summers iControl Implement Control technology.

This unmatched flexibility allows the VRT Renegade to do the work of multiple implements, including vertical tillage and high-speed disks, as well as many other conventional tillage implements. And, it can fit into virtually all tillage programs.

Available in Green and Red



Vertical Tillage

Set the blades of the VRT Renegade to a 0-degree angle for true vertical tillage results.

High-Speed Tillage

With a highly adjustable design and operation speeds up to 10+ miles per hour, the VRT Renegade is an ideal solution to cover ground in a hurry.

Conventional Tillage

Set the blades up to 19 degrees for aggressive tillage performance that mixes residue and creates a black field finish.

Residue Management

Adjust the VRT Renegade to perfectly size and incorporate any type of crop residue.

Minimum Tillage

Use a low blade angle to manage residue without moving a lot of dirt.

Seedbed Preparation

Create the exact seedbed you want by setting the blade angle, tillage depth, rolling basket down pressure and more.

Fertilizer Incorporation

Precisely adjust the tillage depth and blade angle to consistently incorporate fertilizer, manure or chemicals to the desired depth.

Spring Tillage

The VRT Renegade can be adjusted to achieve the ideal results in either wet or dry field conditions in the spring.

Fall Tillage

Size and incorporate heavy residue in the fall for fast decomposition.

Conservation Tillage

The VRT Renegade allows you to change aggressiveness on the fly as conditions dictate, only doing the amount of tillage you desire.


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