Straight Tooth Harrow


The adjustable teeth on the Harrow Packer 7960 are 26 inches long and 9/16 inch in diameter.

Packing Coils


The 1-3/4-inch coils apply 130 pounds of pressure per foot to size clumps and firm the seedbed without compacting the soil. They also leave a herringbone pattern in the soil that helps prevent erosion.

Heavy Duty Drawbar


Our 8-by-8-inch drawbar tube is bigger and stronger than anything else available. It provides maximum strength for pulling the unit.

Hydraulic Depth Adjustment


Hydraulic cylinders on the cart and wing wheels allow on-the-go adjustment of down pressure to accommodate different soil conditions and residue.

Auto Fold


The unit’s 22-foot hitch is constructed of 4-inch-by-8-inch steel tubing and has a cable auto-folding design. The cables can be hydraulically released or locked from the tractor seat. A safety spring and manual valve are also included to prevent accidental release in the case of hydraulic pressure failure.

Box Frame


The heavy-duty box frame construction includes dual wheels on oscillating axles for use on uneven terrain.

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