Introducing the VRT Renegade™

With iControl™ Implement Control Technology

Imagine having one tillage tool that could do it all…Something that could do true vertical tillage, but also have the ability to make a field black if needed. Something that could cover as much ground as a high-speed disk, but didn’t compact the seedbed. Something that could work in the spring or fall, in wet or dry ground. And, of course, something that was easy enough for any operator to run.

Meet the VRT Renegade. This adjustable tillage tool is the latest product in our Variable Rate Tillage™ line, and is the answer that many farmers have been looking for. In addition to its unprecedented versatility, the VRT Renegade features our new iControl™ Implement Control technology. It allows operators to make all tillage adjustments from the cab with a simple touch of a button using an iPad, which connects wirelessly to the iControl computer mounted on the implement.

Highly Adjustable Design
With this system you can independently adjust the angle of the front and rear disk blades from 0 to 19 degrees, allowing you to switch from light to aggressive tillage and anywhere in between. In addition to the blade angle, you can adjust the hitch control to transfer more weight to the front or rear of the implement, or set the implement to float mode to follow the ground contour. You can also use the iPad to set the tillage depth, gauge wheels, wing down pressure and rolling basket down pressure on the VRT Renegade.

iControl Implement Control

The iControl iPad app also allows you to save presets to quickly recall previous implement settings. For instance, you can set the front and rear blade angles to zero degrees and save it as a “vertical tillage” preset. Then, when you approach a hill, all you need to do is select that preset, and the implement will revert to those settings for minimal soil disturbance on that hill. Another innovative feature of the iControl app is the transport mode, which helps you quickly and safely transform the VRT Renegade from transport mode to field mode and vice versa.


The Latest Blade Technology
The Summers exclusive Osmundson Mfg. Co. patented Samurai™ disk blades on the VRT Renegade offer the latest in tillage blade technology. They feature a sawtooth design for sizing residue and moving soil. The blades perform well in both wet soils and hard, dry conditions, and they are heat treated for extended blade life.

The Samurai blades are dual mounted with maintenance-free hubs. Additionally, the trip assembly utilizes a high-performance urethane spring to produce consistent down pressure and to help prevent damage from rocks and other foreign objects. The 1,200-pound blade mount cushion assemblies are mounted in-line, similar to a gang arrangement, for better sizing of residue than competitive designs. This unique feature combines the benefits of both gangs and independently mounted blades.

To create the ideal field finish, the VRT Renegade comes standard with an adjustable three-bar harrow and rolling baskets. The rolling baskets feature Summers’ patented internal mud scrapers to prevent mud build-up. They also include hydraulic down pressure, which can be adjusted from the cab.

Inspired By Farmers

The design of the VRT Renegade was completely inspired by farmers. Through conversations and focus groups, producers from all over North America challenged us to deliver an implement that is flexible enough to meet their dynamic tillage needs from minimal to aggressive tillage. We’re confident that the VRT Renegade addresses the challenges of today’s farmers, and all of the employee-owners at Summers are proud to continue the company’s strong heritage of tillage equipment with this new product.