The high capacity original model is 102 inches long (130 inches with pump) and can be fitted with 3, 4, 5 or 6 tanks for a total of 240 gallons.


This smaller model can hold 2, 3 or 4 tanks for a total of 160 gallons, and at just 78 inches long (106 inches with pump) will fit crossways on a trailer.

3-Inch Plumbing


Extra large plumbing greatly reduces fill times. The system is fully flushable to help eliminate carry-over issues.

Chemical Batching


To save time, chemicals in the stainless steel tank can be portioned into individual containment areas where they will remain separate until drawn into the sprayer. This avoids premixing, which can cause undesirable reactions.

Flow Meters and Scales


Provide precise measurements when adding chemicals.

Stainless Steel Tanks


Hold up to six different chemicals in the SFX2430, or four chemicals in the SFX1630 to add to a mix. Each tank includes a jug rinse system for convenient chemical jug cleanout.

Deep Sump Tank


A deep, aggressively angled bottom helps prevent splashing and is integral in moving chemicals quickly into the sprayer. This design also allows complete drainage of the tank.

Rinse Wand


A handy solution for cleaning the chemical tanks, or for making a slurry during dry chemical induction.

Rinse System Valves


These days, cleanliness with ag chemicals is more important than ever, which is why the Spray Fill Xpress has a fully featured rinse system. A main valve controls the flow of water. Then it can be directed either to the rinse wand, tank/jug rinse or manifold rinse by opening the indicated valves.

Forklift Access Holes


Quickly and easily move the Spray Fill Xpress from the ground to a tending trailer with the forklift access holes. At just 78 inches long, the SFX1630 is small enough to fit crossways on a trailer.

Modular Design


The SFX2430 is customizable using 3, 4, 5 or 6 tanks in 40- and 80-gallon capacities, for a total capacity of 240 gallons. The smaller SFX1630 is customizable using 2, 3 or 4 tanks for a total capacity of 160 gallons.