Mud Scrapers

The rolling baskets come standard with internally mounted mud scrapers. This unique, patented* feature keeps the baskets clean, allowing them to move soil properly. It also helps prevent damage from heavy mud build-up within the baskets. The scrapers can be easily removed when they’re not needed, even though they don’t hinder performance in dry conditions.

Adjustable Arm

The mounted rolling basket arm can be raised or lowered for the optimal height on any piece of tillage equipment. Three holes at the top of the spring rod allow for set height settings, while a nut at the bottom end of the spring rod offers incremental adjustments to fine-tune the fit.

Attachment Arms

The 3-inch square mounting arms are the strongest available. They ensure consistent performance for years to come.

The Ideal Match


Get the benefits of rolling basket attachments no matter what tillage equipment you run. Whether it’s a big ag company or smaller one-off, Summers mounted rolling baskets can attach to almost any piece of tillage equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Maintenance-Free Bearings

The 13-inch diameter baskets are equipped with 5-lip seal, maintenance-free bearings.

Compression Springs/Bushings

Heavy-duty pressure springs help the blades achieve optimum soil penetration for residue incorporation. The arms are also equipped with urethane bushings to absorb shock during transportation.

Perfect Frame Fit

Multiple sets of holes in the back of the mounting arm assure a perfect fit to any size frame.

     *Patents: US9326439B2 & CA2841682A1


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