Herringbone Soil Pattern


Coil packers leave a herringbone pattern in the soil, compared with the smooth finish produced by standard land rollers. The herringbone pattern is less susceptible to runoff, which can help reduce erosion concerns.

Hydraulic Folding


Both three- and five-section units have hydraulically folding wings for efficient transport.

Super-Flex C-Shanks


The coil sections are independently spring-mounted with Super-Flex C-Shanks. This patented system helps transfer weight from the wheels to the coils, while allowing them to follow ground contours.

Packing Coils


The 1-3/4 inch coils apply 150 pounds of pressure per foot to size clumps and firm the seedbed without compacting the soil. Optional narrow spacing coils made from 2-inch tubing with 3-3/4-inch pitch offer additional residue management. They also leave a herringbone pattern on the surface that helps prevent erosion.

Heavy Duty Frame


The 4-inch-by-4-inch steel tube frame holds up to tough use.

Extra Long Hitch


The extra long hitch allows the Coil Packer to make easy turns behind air seeders or tillage implements of the same width.

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