Residue Management Alternatives 

No-till and minimum tillage have gotten a lot more challenging in recent years where we’ve seen outstanding yields and, as a result, heavy residue. But there are still options for growers looking to manage that heavy residue, while keeping tillage to a minimum. Here are a couple ideas: 

Land Rollers
Land rollers are a great option for helping no-tillers manage tough corn stalks without resorting to tillage. Not only can land rollers shatter and start to break down the stalks, but they can also fracture corn root balls that are still in the ground to aid in fast residue decomposition.

VT Flex Applicator
Our new VT Flex Applicator provides residue management while sealing fertilizer in the root zone. It features coulter blades that can be customized for slicing residue in-row, as well as mid-row, for 15-, 20-, 22- or 30-inch row spacings. Plus, there are five different blade options that provide anywhere from light to aggressive soil movement, making it highly adaptable for many types of tillage operations.

The VT Flex Applicator includes low-disturbance application knives for applying up to three mediums (dry, liquid and NH3) at high speeds and high rates (up to 700 pounds of dry fertilizer per acre!). This unique setup allows farmers to take care of their fall fertility and residue management needs in one pass with high precision.