Why Land Rollers are a good investment to consider for 2020

Land roller use has grown in recent years, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If you’re thinking about buying a land roller, here are some good reasons why you should consider doing it in 2020.

Rut Management
There are a lot of ruts remaining in fields from last fall, and land rollers are one way to help manage some of them without doing intensive tillage. Land rollers can help smooth fields, level the soil profile and leave a consistent seedbed for spring planting.

Protecting the Investment in Your Combine
When margins are tight, the last thing you need is a repair bill. And one of the most feared farm equipment repairs is combine damage from taking in rocks or unnecessarily running a lot of dirt through the combine with your crop. Rolling soybeans and other low-to-the-ground crops after planting can push those rocks into the ground, while also breaking up root balls and dirt clumps, for safe, efficient harvesting without fear of equipment damage or unnecessary internal wear.

Increasing Yields
Not only can land rollers save money on combine repair bills and reduced downtime, but they can also make you money by increasing your soybean yields. In fact, extensive university field studies have shown a consistent yield increase of about three bushels per acre by rolling soybeans in the V1 to V2 growth stages.

Custom Farming Potential
Looking for new revenue sources for the farm? You can pay for your equipment sooner and increase your operation’s bottom line by rolling for neighboring farmers. According to the 2018 Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey from Iowa State University Extension, the average charge for custom land rolling is $7.50 per acre.

10-Year Warranty
You can rest assured that you've made a sound investment in a Summers land roller that is protected by an unprecedented 10-year warranty.