How Will You Roll?

Whether you’ve been using land rollers for years or want to try them out for the first time this spring, we’d like to invite you to roll with Summers and our new 10-year limited warranty. That’s right…10-year warranty coverage on all new 2018 through 2022 model land roller purchases. Here are a just few ways you can use them to boost yield:

how-will-you-roll-story.jpgRock Management

Traditionally, land rollers have been used soon after soybean planting to push rocks down into the soil surface. This prevents them from getting picked up by the combine at harvest, potentially saving thousands of dollars in wear-and-tear, repair costs, and downtime. Because of the concerns of rock damage, some custom harvesters won’t even touch a soybean field that hasn’t been rolled. Additionally, land rolling at this time helps increase seed-to-soil contact for better emergence. In fact, our side-by-side tests have shown a consistent yield boost of one or two bushels per acre.

Rolling Without Rocks

Recently, we’ve seen more producers use land rollers even when they don’t have rocks in their fields. That’s because it still creates a smoother soil profile, which benefits harvesting. It reduces the amount of dirt and other trash being fed into the combine for a cleaner harvest. It also allows combine operators to run their headers closer to the ground, helping to collect more  low-hanging pods and short plants.

Post Emergence Rolling

Another one of the latest trends is to roll soybeans after they have emerged. Multi-year studies by Farm Journal Test Plots show that the V1 to V2 is the sweet spot for this. Rolling soybeans during these growth stages promotes increased branching and shortens internodes, resulting in more pods per plant with an average yield increase of three bushels per acre. The research recommends finishing rolling before the V3 growth stage, when plants are more likely to break below the cotyledons.

Go to to learn about our new warranty. Then, visit your local Summers dealer or give us a call, and we can help you get set up for land roller success.