You’ve been asking for… tillage tool that could move as much or as little dirt as I want it to.

...a vertical tillage tool that can do more than vertical tillage.

...something that can handle any field condition and any type of residue.

…a tillage tool that is flexible enough for both spring and fall tillage yet easy to use.

…something that can help me in both wet and dry years.

We’ve been listening and things are about to change. The new VRT Renegade is a unique, unconventional approach to tillage.




You’ve been asking for a tillage tool that is versatile enough for today’s dynamic tillage needs. The VRT Renegade delivers.

+ Vertical Tillage
+ High-Speed Tillage
+ Conventional Tillage
+ Residue Management
+ Minimum Tillage
+ Seedbed Preparation
+ Fertilizer Incorporation
+ Spring Tillage
+ Fall Tillage
+ Conservation Tillage


You've been asking for better control of your tillage tool. The VRT Renegade delivers.

+ Quick and easy operation
+ On-the-fly changes to the performance of your tillage
+ Preset ability for repeatable results


You’ve been asking for a blade that would excel in various types of field conditions. The VRT Renegade delivers.

+ Fall or spring, dry or wet, the blade technology can handle the demands and perform in any tillage condition and residue type


You’ve been asking for a tillage tool that can give you the field finish you demand no matter the field conditions. VRT Renegade delivers.

+ Adjust the aggressiveness of the tool on-the-fly to achieve the field finish you want.



We're Changing How You Think About Tillage.



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