It's more than a chisel plow. The DiskChisel is the ultimate tillage tool for mixing residue and breaking compaction. Featuring a front row of individually hub-mounted disk blades followed by four ranks of chisel shanks and a 4-bar harrow, it’s an ideal fit for many fall tillage programs.

Applications: fall tillage, fall residue management, minimum tillage, conventional tillage

Available in Green and Red

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CoulterChiselCoulterChisel.jpgThe CoulterChisel is similar to the DiskChisel, except it has gang-mounted coulter blades, instead of hub-mounted disk blades. As a result, it offers great residue chopping with less soil mixing.

SuperchiselSuperchisel.jpgThe Superchisel is a more standard chisel plow, featuring four ranks of chisel shanks with no disk blades.

DK Diamond DiskDK-Diamond-Disk.jpgThe DK Diamond Disk is another conventional tillage option. Equipped with 26-inch concave disks, it is ideal for more aggressive soil mixing.

DT Diamond DiskDimond-DT-Category.jpgThe DT Diamond Disk is an ideal option for residue management. Its notched disks work well for residue chopping and mixing, making it a versatile tool for a variety of tillage strategies.