3 New Uses for Land Rollers


In this article we uncover three of the latest trends in land roller usage.

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Q&A with Summers Engineers


Summers went to great lengths to make SuperRollers the toughest available aspects that Travis Westlind and Paul Wilhelmi can attest to. These Summers engineers were closely involved with designing land rollers, as well as the improvements to the 2016 lineup.

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Roll Bigger, Roll Better


What’s the difference between using a heavier or lighter land roller? When it comes to residue management, sinking rocks, improving yields, overall effectiveness and durability – a big difference.

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Four Uses for Land Rollers


Just what do land rollers actually do? As fairly versatile implements, they have several uses, so answering that question isn’t easy. To help clear things up a bit, here are four of the most popular ways Summers customers have experienced success working land rollers into their farming operations.

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