Minimize Soil Disturbance


For operations that are somewhere in-between no till and conventional tillage, there are a variety of tools available to manage residue and condition the soil, while keeping soil disturbance to a minimum.

Minimum Tillage Products:

Coil Packer Coil Packer Photo This tool uses coils to firm the soil and provide light tillage action. It leaves a herringbone pattern on the soil surface to reduce erosion concerns.

Supercoulter Supercoulter Photo The Supercoulter is the original vertical tillage tool. It has a rectangular frame with a patented hydraulic hitch and two rows of zero-degree mounted coulter blades for true vertical tillage performance.

VRT2530 VRT2530 Photo The VRT2530 variable-rate tillage tool allows you to adjust tillage aggressiveness on the go. This one tool provides the flexibility to move from conventional tillage to vertical tillage performance, or anywhere in between.