Harrow Packer 7960

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The Harrow Packer 7960 (model SH7960) has a front five-bar harrow with adjustable, 9/16-inch-diameter teeth for aggressive tillage action. It also comes with rear coil attachments to pack the soil, preventing water loss and erosion.

Applications: seedbed preparation, spring tillage, spring residue management, fall residue management, soil conditioning

Available in Green and Red

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Harrow Packer 6350 harrow-packer-product.jpgThis tool has lighter, bent teeth, making it less aggressive than the Harrow Packer 7960.

8-Bar Superharrow 3568 The With 1/2-inch diameter teeth and eight full rows of harrows, it breaks up more residue and clumps in a single pass, allowing greater surface area to be exposed for expedited decomposition.

Superharrow 3580 Superharrow-product.jpgThe Superharrow 3580 has 8-foot-wide sections with 1/2-inch diameter teeth and no coil packers.

Superharrow 3960 Superharrow-product2.jpgThis tool is similar to the Harrow Packer 7960, except it doesn’t include coil packers.

Superweeder Superweeder-product.jpgThe Superweeder is another excellent tool for seedbed prep. It has 4 ranks of S-tines, followed by a 5-bar bent-tooth harrow.

Coil Packer coil-packer-product.jpgThis tool uses only coils to firm the soil and provide light tillage action.