Designed to break compaction in some of the toughest conditions, the Superchisel is the ultimate chisel plow. Featuring well-spaced chisel shanks mounted with aggressive springs, it combines superior residue flow with maximum durability. The one-, three- and five-section models with 16- to 60-foot working widths are all engineered to provide consistent depth control from one end of the implement to the other.

Applications: spring tillage, fall tillage, conventional tillage

Available in Green and Red

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DiskChiselDiskChisel.jpgGet more residue mixing with the DiskChisel. This product features a row of individually hub-mounted disk blades, followed by four ranks of chisel shanks and a four-bar harrow.

CoulterChiselCoulterChisel.jpgThe CoulterChisel offers similar performance to the Superchisel, but with additional residue sizing capabilities. It comes with gang-mounted coulter blades in front of four ranks of chisel shanks and a four-bar harrow.

Superweeder Superweeder-product.jpg Instead of aggressive chisel shanks, the Superweeder uses S-tines to break up crusted soil and uproot weeds. It also includes a bent-tooth harrow for seedbed preparation.

DK Diamond DiskDK-Diamond-Disk.jpgThe DK Diamond Disk is another conventional tillage option. Equipped with 26-inch concave disks, it is ideal for more aggressive soil mixing.

DT Diamond Disk Dimond-DT-Category.jpg The DT Diamond Disk is a cross between conventional and vertical tillage. Its notched disks are ideal for residue chopping and mixing, making it a versatile tool for a variety of tillage strategies.