Finish Strong


Create the ideal field finish with a mounted attachment on your tillage equipment. You can use harrows, rolling baskets or rolling choppers to achieve the desired soil profile.

Mounted Attachment Products:

Mounted Harrowmounted-harrow.jpgAvailable in 3-bar and 4-bar configurations, these mounted harrows are great for distributing residue and leveling the soil profile.

Mounted Rolling Basketmounted-rolling-basket.jpgSummers rolling baskets have a patented internal mud scraper. This exclusive design makes them an ideal option for breaking up clumps, leveling the soil and preparing a seedbed, even in the wettest conditions.

Mounted Rolling Choppermounted-rolling-chopper.jpgRolling choppers cut through tough residue for better sizing and more complete incorporation. They can be used to offset CO2 losses, while increasing plant germination and producing more uniform stands.