Get Rid of Your Residue


Big yields can lead to big residue management issues. Start sizing and mixing the residue in the fall to help it break down by spring. This can also help incorporate important nutrients back into the soil.

Fall Residue Management Products:

DiskChiselDiskChisel.jpgThe DiskChisel is a combination tillage tool with individually hub-mounted disk blades, four rows of chisel shanks, and a 4-bar harrow.

DK Diamond DiskDK-Diamond-Disk.jpgThe DK Diamond Disk is a conventional tillage tool with many benefits over standard X-frame disks. It's equipped with 26-inch concave disks for aggressive soil mixing.

DT Diamond Disk Dimond-DT-Category.jpgThe DT Diamond Disk is a cross between conventional and vertical tillage. Its notched disks are ideal for residue chopping and mixing, making it a versatile tool for fall tillage.

Rolling Chopper rolling-chopper-product.jpgThe hydraulic folding Rolling Chopper can be used by itself as a residue management tool, or it can trail behind other implements to achieve better residue sizing and more complete incorporation.

Supercoultersupercoulter.jpgThe Supercoulter is a true vertical tillage tool. It has a rectangular frame with a patented hydraulic hitch and two rows of straight-tracking coulter blades for sizing tough residue in the fall.

VRT2530 VRT2530-Variable-Rate-Tillage-RP.jpgThe VRT2530 variable-rate tillage tool allows you to adjust tillage aggressiveness on the go. This one tool provides the flexibility to move from conventional tillage to vertical tillage performance, or anywhere in between, to manage any amount of residue after fall harvest.

8-Bar Superharrow 3568 With 1/2-inch diameter teeth and eight full rows of harrows, it breaks up more residue and clumps in a single pass, allowing greater surface area to be exposed for expedited decomposition.

Superharrow 3580 Superharrow-product.jpgThis harrow has 8-foot-wide sections with 26-inch long, 1/2-inch diameter teeth.

Superharrow 3960 Superharrow-product2.jpgThis harrow has 6-foot-wide sections with 26-inch long, 9/16-inch diameter teeth.