• Tillage

    3RTThe 3RT is a compact, versatile tillage tool that attaches to the tractor's three-point hitch for filling ruts, doing spot tillage or performing reclamation work.

    CoulterChiselCoulterChisel.jpgThe CoulterChisel is a combination tillage tool with gang-mounted coulter blades, four rows of chisel shanks, and a 4-bar harrow.

    DiskChiselDiskChisel.jpgThe DiskChisel is a combination tillage tool with individually hub-mounted disk blades, four rows of chisel shanks, and a 4-bar harrow.

    DK Diamond DiskDK-Diamond-Disk.jpgThe DK Diamond Disk is a conventional tillage tool with many benefits over standard X-frame disks. It's equipped with 26-inch concave disks for aggressive soil mixing.

    DT Diamond Disk Dimond-DT-Category.jpgThe DT Diamond Disk is a cross between conventional and vertical tillage. Its notched disks are ideal for residue chopping and mixing, making it a versatile tool for a variety of tillage strategies.

    Harrow Packer 6350 harrow-packer-product.jpgThe Harrow Packer 6350 combines a bent-tooth harrow with coil packers for increased moisture conservation.

    Harrow Packer 7960 harrow-packer-7960.jpgThis heavy straight-tooth harrow comes with coil packers for increased moisture conservation.

    Rolling Chopper rolling-chopper-product.jpgThe hydraulic folding Rolling Chopper can be used by itself as a residue management tool, or it can trail behind other tillage equipment to achieve better residue sizing and more complete incorporation.

    SuperchiselSuperchisel.jpgThe Superchisel is a high-performance chisel plow with four rows of aggressive chisel shanks that are spaced for maximum residue flow.

    Supercoultersupercoulter.jpgThe Supercoulter is the original vertical tillage tool. It has a rectangular frame with a patented hydraulic hitch and two rows of straight-tracking coulter blades for true vertical tillage performance.

    8-Bar Superharrow 3568 Producing 60 percent more work compared to harrows with five bars, this is an aggressive residue management tool ideal for busting clods, demolishing root balls and preparing the seedbed for planting.

    Superharrow 3580 Superharrow-product.jpgPreviously known as the Superharrow 2650, this harrow has 26-inch long teeth that are 1/2-inch in diameter. Its sections are 8 feet wide.

    Superharrow 3960 Superharrow-product2.jpgThis tool is the ultimate heavy harrow. It has 26-inch long teeth that are 9/16-inch in diameter. The sections are 6-foot wide for closely following ground contours.

    Superweeder Superweeder-product.jpgThe Superweeder has 4 ranks of adjustable S-tines, followed by a 5-bar bent-tooth harrow to provide an ultra smooth field finish.

    VRT2530 VRT2530-Variable-Rate-Tillage-RP.jpgThe VRT2530 variable-rate tillage tool allows you to adjust tillage aggressiveness on the go. This one tool provides the flexibility to move from conventional tillage to vertical tillage performance, or anywhere in between.

    VRT3530 VRT3530-Related-Product.jpgAdjust the front and rear disk on the go to fine-tune aggressiveness for particular field conditions. The result is an excellent field finish, even at fast speeds and depths greater than 6 inches.

  • Land Rollers

    Coil Packer coil-packer-product.jpgThe Coil Packer delivers less pressure to the ground than land rollers, while producing a field finish that is less susceptible to runoff. The Coil Packer also provides light tillage action by sizing dirt clods.

    Hydraulic Fold SuperRoller hydraulic-fold-superroller-product.jpgThese two- and three-section land rollers can be hydraulically folded and unfolded from the tractor cab for superior convenience.

    Trail Type SuperRoller trail-type-land-roller-product.jpgThree- and five-section trail type land rollers are available up to 91 feet wide. These units require the operator to back up the tractor to unfold the sections.

  • Sprayers & Applicators

    LT Supersprayer lt-supersprayer-product.jpgPreviously known as the Ultimate NT Supersprayer, the LT pull type field sprayer has boom lengths ranging from 60 to 110 feet.

    XLT Supersprayer xlt-supersprayer-product.jpgPreviously known as the Ultra Supersprayer, the XLT pull type field sprayer is available with 120- and 133-foot boom lengths.

    VT Flex Applicator VT-Flex-Applicator-Fertilizer.jpgPrecisely place up to three mediums (dry, liquid and NH3) at once, while also sizing residue.

    Spray Fill Xpress Spray-Fill-Xpress.jpgReduce the amount of time it takes to fill a sprayer by as much as 82 percent, resulting in more time spraying and less time filling.

  • Rock Removal Equipment

    Rock Picker rock-picker-product.jpgThis heavy duty continuous rock picker is ideal for picking rocks between 2 and 20 inches in diameter.

  • Mounted Attachments

    Mounted Harrow mounted-harrow.jpgAvailable in 3-bar and 4-bar configurations, these mounted harrows are the toughest in the industry. They’re compatible with a variety of Summers equipment, as well as tillage tools from other manufacturers.

    Mounted Rolling Basket mounted-rolling-basket.jpgSummers rolling baskets have a patented internal mud scraper. This exclusive design makes them an ideal option for breaking up clumps, leveling the soil and preparing a seedbed, even in the wettest conditions.

    Mounted Rolling Chopper mounted-rolling-chopper.jpgRolling choppers cut through tough residue for better sizing and more complete incorporation. They can be used to offset CO2 losses, while increasing plant germination and producing more uniform stands.