Customizable Knives and Levelers

The high-precision, low-disturbance application knives are fully adaptable to any combination of dry, liquid and anhydrous ammonia fertilizers. They feature 500 pounds of trip pressure to help prevent damage from rocks or other obstructions. Additionally, the independently mounted disk levelers are adjustable for sealing the fertilizer in the root zone.


Not only do the coulter blades slice residue in-row, but they can also be configured for mid-row slicing. This, in addition to five different blade options for light or aggressive soil movement, makes the VT Flex Applicator an ideal tool for residue management programs of all types.

Independent Depth Adjustment

With the VT Flex Applicator, you can independently vary the placement depth of each fertilizer type relative to the coulter depth. The knives can place fertilizer directly in the root zone to increase nutrient availability to the plant and maximize application effectiveness.

Easy Machine Leveling, Depth Control

The patent-pending machine-leveling feature doesn’t require any tools to adjust. Additionally, the unit’s single-point depth control allows quick and easy depth setting.

Fast Operating Speeds

The VT Flex Applicator is designed for operation at 6-8 mph, with high dry application rates of 600-700 pounds per acre, helping you complete fertilizer applications in short windows of time.


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